Chip of The Week

Dunno if we want to do a proper “Chip of the Week” but Discourse seems like it’d be a better fit for cataloguing neat chips we stumble across. So post your new-to-you and useful/neat chips here I guess?

Here’s my recent discovery. Interesting in many respects, but I’ve never seen an LDO that integrates circuitry explicitly for managing an upstream switching pre-regulator:

Expensive, to be sure, but neat!

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Great Idea! Lets keep this rolling and can help us bring more content to the podcast.

This is like the kitchen sink of LDOs. Precision Current Monitor and a Current Limiter built in?

At ~$11 its a bit pricey but it does the work of 4 chips in a small footprint with the ability to reduce line capacitance. Probably worth it if you are seriously space constrained.

Don’t forget programmable, too.
The closer I look the cooler this chip gets.

I’m going to try and get this chip in the next radiation test campaign at work. I want to use this in a couple places already. POL uses to Single Event Latch-up protection.

What does “POL” mean?

Point Of Load (regulator)