Circuit Break Podcast #410: Eighth Annual MacroFab Star Wars Christmas Special Somehow this Podcast Returned

Podcast Title: Eighth Annual MacroFab Star Wars Christmas Special Somehow this Podcast Returned

Release Date: December 26, 2023

Episode: #410

Not unlike Han Solo emerging from cryosleep, the annual MacroFab Star Wars Christmas Special is back! Parker and Stephen welcome Josh Rozier, Chris Kraft, and Hyr0n to Circuit Break for a wide-ranging discussion covering at least the following about the Star Wars universe:

Podcast Audio:

Podcast Notes:

  • The Most Ingenious Pieces of Technology in Star Wars
  • The Most Underrated Characters
  • Favorite (and Most Profound) Star Wars Quotes
  • Personal picks for cool lightsaber functions
  • Do Star Wars ships and vehicles ever need gas?
  • Medical care in Star Wars vs. Star Trek
  • Whether or not you’re sleeping while encased in carbonite or just dead the whole time
  • A burning desire for vibroblades
  • The toilet paper situation in Star Wars
  • Does Star Wars really illuminate the vastness of space?
  • Chewbacca knows everything
  • Spider-Man’s goo
  • So many Star Wars magic tricks
  • Tow Cable/Power Harpoon as a reasonable tactic to use against the AT-ATs on Hoth?
  • Science-Fiction vs. Science-Fantasy
  • “Skippy” and The Mandalorian
  • FM Radio Transmissions in Caves
  • Star Wars: Thrawn and the curious case of loading cargo and other bureaucratic tasks
  • Engineering ethics in the Empire / Darth Vader and anger management
  • Stewie’s Vader
  • Kylo Ren, blasters, and magical gas
  • Not loving JJ Abrams’ elimination of limitations
  • Much more!

About our guests:

Josh Rozier
A business intelligence and data analytics professional for a large, east-coast insurance monolith. In his spare time, Roz spends his time building and tweaking guitar amplifiers and pedals. Co-owner of Empire Engineering with Stephen.

Chris Kraft
A tinkerer currently working as a software engineer in the financial services industry. Extensive background in 3d printing and building anything that seems interesting.

A systems engineer. Hardware hacker of AND!XOR, a group that builds electronic badges for conferences, mucks in vending machines, and designs embedded system puzzles.

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