Circuit Break Podcast #428: Repairing the Retro Future

Podcast Title: Repairing the Retro Future

Release Date: 2024-04-26

Episode: #428

This week we dive into the fascinating world of vintage tech repair, focusing on efforts to preserve General Motors’ futuristic '80s digital displays. Hosts Parker Dillmann and Stephen Kraig discuss the resilience and repair techniques of the Visual Information Center (VIC) screens, introduced in the late '80s. They also highlight MacroFab’s new inventory management features that streamline the process for electronic components, ensuring efficient project management and system updates.

Podcast Audio:

Podcast Notes:

  • Launch of MacroFab’s enhanced inventory management system, improving component tracking and project management.
  • The survival and repair techniques of GM’s '80s digital displays, highlighting the challenges and techniques involved in maintaining legacy technology.
  • Discussion on designing long-lasting electronic components and the importance of planning for product lifecycle and reliability.
  • Exploring the impact of technology on product longevity and the potential of modern tools to extend the life of electronic devices.

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Community Questions:

  • How do you approach maintaining or repairing older technological devices to extend their lifespan?
  • What are your thoughts on balancing modern design with the need for longevity in electronics?
  • Have you worked on any projects that involve updating or maintaining older technology? Share your experiences!