Circuit Break Podcast #435: Prioritize to Learn to Prioritize - Engineering Career Paths

Podcast Title: Prioritize to Learn to Prioritize - Engineering Career Paths

Release Date: 2024-06-14

Episode: #435

In this episode of Circuit Break, Parker Dillmann and Stephen Kraig, along with special guests Chris Gammell and James Lewis, discuss various aspects of engineering career paths. They delve into how they chose engineering, their first jobs, reasons for changing jobs, and what being an engineer means at different career stages. They also reflect on what they wish they had known earlier in their careers and share some personal anecdotes about non-engineering jobs they’ve held. The discussion is rich with insights and advice for both new and experienced engineers.

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Podcast Notes:

Key Discussion Points:

  • How the hosts and guests chose engineering as a career.
  • The impact of their first jobs out of school.
  • Good and bad reasons to change jobs.
  • The role of mentorship and learning from senior engineers.
  • Reflections on imposter syndrome and its effects.
  • The importance of prioritizing tasks and learning to say no.
  • Career transitions and the challenges faced.
  • The influence of non-engineering jobs on their engineering careers.
  • Advice on surrounding oneself with smart engineers.
  • Experiences of working in different engineering roles and industries.
  • The significance of having a plan and being open to change.
  • The role of personality in learning from colleagues.
  • Predictions and aspirations for the next five years.
  • Thoughts on the evolving nature of electronics and engineering careers.

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Community Questions:

  • What are your thoughts on changing jobs for career growth?
  • How do you handle imposter syndrome in your engineering career?
  • What non-engineering job have you had that influenced your engineering career the most?
  • Where do you see your engineering career in the next five years?