Driving 7-segment electromagnetic displays?

I have a project I want to use some electromagnetic 7-segment displays similar to these.


What would be the best way to drive the coils? Having an H-bridge per coil seems a bit crazy and there has to be a more component efficient way to drive these displays.

These are the displays I currently have and want to use

Possible idea is to matrix the coils together with diodes. For 3 coils this reduces the mosfet utilization from 12 (3 H-bridges) to 8. For an entire 7 segment that would be from 28 to 16. Downside is the voltage drop across the diodes. The coils already need ~7V to flip and I was hoping to run this thing on batteries. Maybe a 9V battery will work?

How much current do those lil coils need? Possible to use one of these? MC14049BDR2G onsemi | Integrated Circuits (ICs) | DigiKey

Each segment is ~140mA to flip it over. Don’t think those inverters will work.