Hitchhiker's Guide to PCB Design

Really interesting free eBook. I think it’s great for new college graduates who are involved in their fir PCB project. Especially the sections that describe the various stake holders and their roles. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that described in writing before.

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Going to have to give this a read. Possible Podcast topic!

Huh, wont let me download this ebook.

I had to fill out the form and provide my email address etc. But once I did I got the guide. It’s somewhat annoying to provide a email address but it’s easy enough to circumvent with the old ‘+’ trick.

For the hobbyist the book is probably overkill and has a lot of information they don’t need, but for new college grads that need to work on commercial products it has a ton of information that you just don’t get without a good mentor.

Like the section on test points and in-circuit test. I’ve never seen that written down before. I learned all that stuff by word of mouth and in an ad hoc way. Especially the little aside on the costs of test. In my experience, engineers just don’t really think that way until there are $s on the line.

I couldn’t press the button that submits the form on my phone. Looks like there is something to screen out robots (captcha?), but it doesn’t show up in my Brave browser. I’ll have to try on the PC.

Ah, I had to lower the shields in Brave to see the “I am not a robot” checkbox. Unfortunately, I was destroyed by Klingons before I could press the submit button…

Yeah this was my problem, U-block blocked the I am not a robot checkbox :smiley:

Will review tonight!

Did you ever get a chance to skim this? I’m curious on your opinion.

I got through the first 10 pages. It’s over 100 pages long!