Sometimes it's the simplest things

…that are the most satisfying.

(Old, malfunctioning Aliexpress LED strips repurposed into light panel.)

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Loving the organic fibrous composite backing!

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Cardboard backing from old pads!

I don’t know why, but I find your barrel jack placement to be very satisfying!

In really old electronic equipment, you’d sometimes find pieces of an insulating cardboard. It was sturdier than normal paper card stock, but not as stiff as, say, that brown FR-1(?) PCB material. I recall they often seemed to be impregnated with something like wax, as well. You don’t see that material much anymore. Usually it’s plastic films these days.

Very satisfying! In our industry we call that cardboardian alloy.

Cardboardian Alloy (kärd-ˈbȯr-dē-ən ə-ˈloi)

A low-cost, lightweight material made from layers of paper pulp or recycled paper, commonly used for packaging, crafting, and a variety of other applications. Not at all an alloy of any kind.