The Best Wire Strippers

Resurrecting an old thread from the slack channel.

What is everyone’s favorite wire strippers? I want to snag a good pair and I would like to avoid ones that I will be unhappy with in a year.

The wire gauges I work with are typically in the high 10s and low 20s.

I seem to recall people really liking these wire strippers from engineer tools

Any other suggestions?

I’ve used these for a few decades now. But I’ve recently been tempted to try those duck-bill ones, primarily for getting into tight places.

I’m aware of a kind of wire stripper that has no metal blades and uses either plastic or heat to remove the insulation with absolutely no chance of nicking the wire. Always wanted to learn more about them. They’re used on high-reliability applications like space craft and aviation, maybe automotive, etc.

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I have Klien Tools wire stripers for garage/car stuff and Engineer Tools for electronics work.

Basically I have 4 pairs. Two different sizes of Klien and two Engineer. Covering the entire range.

Technically I have 2 more but they are much larger gauges.

Tool Part Numbers

  • ENGINEER (Electrical Work)
    • PA-07
    • PA-14
  • Klien (Garage/Car)
    • 11045
    • 11046
  • Southwire (For 4-12 AWG)
    • S612STR
  • Jokari (Stripping jackets off multi conductor cords)
    • 10270

I pulled the trigger on a PA-07. Certainly the most I have ever spent on wire strippers. The wire I will be using this on has a PTFE jacket which is awesome for resisting melting during soldering but it is pretty tough to cut.

Late to the party, I like the Jokari T20050.

Short write-up:
Jokari T20050

These are my go-tos as well. I’ve been eyeballing these Knipex strippers for a while as a more premium option but it’s been hard to justify the outlay. (well, until now, that’s a more reasonable price on sale…)

Here’s an odd one I recently saw on YouTube. I was tempted to get one for breadboard wire, since it can cut and strip in one tool

I like the combo flush cutters

Look at what santa brought me in the mail.

It comes with a strap hole! You can clip it on your belt!

Yeah for all your tactical wire stripping needs.

This one looks weird but if you work with thin 28-30 gauge for bodges and rework (and you have fat fingers) you’ll reach for a it a lot.

This is a cool tool!

Video on how it works.

I love this in the product description: “Biomechanically designed”. What is next, Nano Machines?

Speaking of wire wrap wire, this little kind manual WW tool has an excellent wire stripper built-in the center. It works so well that I use it to strip 30 AWG wire even if I’m not wire wrapping (which I haven’t done for a few decades).

I only have one for 30 AWG, presumably you can get one for 28 as well (which was often used for power connections). This stripper is dead simple. It does one thing well. But it only has to strip one kind of wire, and those wires (I suspect) have well specified insulation and wire dimensions and properties. If you tried to up-scale this concept to a big rod with dozens of little blades, it would get out of hand quickly.

I am looking for larger then 6AWG wire strippers now. Mainly for doing high current battery cables. Any suggestions?