Circuit Break Podcast #424: Batman, The King of EDC (Every Day Carry)

Podcast Title: Batman, The King of EDC (Every Day Carry)

Release Date: 2024-04-01

Episode: #424

This week, delve into the fascinating world of Batman’s utility belt. We begin by tracing the evolution of this iconic accessory from its humble origins to its current complex design. The belt features a diverse array of gadgets, tools, and essentials utilized by the Dark Knight. Our discussion covers a wide range of items, from lockpicking tools to unique additions like crayons and lollipops. We examine the practicality and innovative engineering behind Batman’s assortment of tools and contemplate what items electrical engineers might include in their own specialized utility belts. Join us for an insightful exploration of superhero gadgetry and its parallels in real-world engineering.

Podcast Audio:

Podcast Notes:

  • Batman and Engineering: Could Batman be seen as an engineer? Relies on technology and intellect rather than superhuman abilities.
  • Utility Belt Evolution: The history and evolution of Batman’s iconic utility belt, from its initial simplistic design and its evolution into a more complex, gadget-laden accessory.
  • Batarang: The Batarang, one of Batman’s signature tools, is hypothesized to function similarly to modern drone technology.
  • Sonic Devastator: A non-lethal weapon that uses sounds where different frequencies have different effects on the human body.
  • Identity Disk: Fail-safe for revealing his identity posthumously, ensuring that Batman’s persona cannot be assumed by others after his death.
  • Batman’s Lockpicking Skills: Less emphasized in recent portrayals, highlighting a shift from stealth to brute force in his character’s evolution.
  • Is the Lockpicking Lawyer Batman?: Could the popular YouTuber, the LockPickingLawyer, be Batman, given his skill set and the mystery surrounding his identity?
  • Unusual Utility Belt Items: Quirky and unconventional items found in Batman’s utility belt include crayons and lollipops, showcasing Batman’s preparedness for diverse situations.
  • The Significance of Batman’s Logo: The ubiquity of the Batman logo on his gadgets and tools. Does he get stickers made?
  • Engineering a EE Utility Belt: What would comprise an electrical engineer’s version of Batman’s utility belt? Could include a handheld oscilloscope, wire, heat shrink, and even fantasy items like aerosolized Kapton tape.
  • Utility Belt as an Interview Strategy: A light-hearted suggestion that job applicants show up to interviews wearing a utility belt filled with engineering tools to stand out.
  • What Would Be in Your Utility Belt?: Tell us on our forums at!

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