Circuit Break Podcast #425: MacroFab Platform Updates from Kyle McLeod and Nicholas Lundgaard

Podcast Title: MacroFab Platform Updates from Kyle McLeod and Nicholas Lundgaard

Release Date: 2024-04-09

Episode: #425

This week, hosts Parker Dillmann and Stephen Craig are joined by Kyle McLeod, the OE Project Manager, and Nicholas Lundgard, the OE Team Lead at MacroFab. They delve into recent software releases enhancing the ordering experience on the MacroFab platform, including ITAR compliance, improvements in design file uploads, and the introduction of customer-furnished material options. They discuss the importance of seamless user interactions for uploading PCBs, placing orders, and how MacroFab’s platform facilitates these processes. The episode provides insights into MacroFab’s efforts to make PCB manufacturing more accessible and efficient for their customers.

Podcast Audio:

Podcast Notes:

  • Introduction of ITAR compliance and its significance for MacroFab’s platform and users.
  • Enhancements in PCB design file uploads, including support for additional file types and improved user interface.
  • The role and benefits of customer-furnished material options in the ordering process.
  • Discussions on intelligent overage logic for parts ordering and the impact on manufacturing efficiency.
  • The introduction of completed board photo updates for quality assurance and customer verification.
  • Preview of upcoming features and improvements, focusing on user interface enhancements, bomb management tools, and expanded quoting capabilities.

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Community Questions:

  • Have you used MacroFab’s platform for your PCB manufacturing needs? Share your experiences and any features you’d love to see in the future.
  • What challenges have you faced in PCB design and ordering, and how do you think platforms like MacroFab can solve them?
  • How important is ITAR compliance for your projects, and what has been your experience dealing with ITAR-compliant manufacturers?
  • What features would you like to see added to the MacroFab platform to improve your experience?