Circuit Break Podcast #434: The Other VCC

Podcast Title: The Other VCC

Release Date: 2024-06-07

Episode: #434

In this episode, Parker and Stephen dive into the intricacies of capacitor selection, discussing various types of capacitors, their properties, and how different factors affect their performance. They also touch on the new custom bare PCB service offered by MacroFab. The episode is rich with technical details, tips for selecting capacitors, and practical advice for engineers.

Podcast Audio:

Podcast Notes:

Key Discussion Points:

  • Introduction to the new custom bare PCB service by MacroFab
  • Detailed explanation of capacitor types: Class 1 and Class 2
  • Importance of voltage coefficient of capacitance (VCC)
  • Challenges in selecting capacitors for different applications
  • Comparison between different capacitor sizes and their effects
  • Tips for avoiding edge cases in capacitor selection
  • Explanation of how barium titanate affects capacitor performance
  • Murata’s Sim Surfing tool for capacitor data
  • Impact of capacitor choice on manufacturing and performance
  • Best practices for selecting capacitors in design projects

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Community Questions

  • What are your thoughts on the voltage coefficient of capacitance (VCC) and its impact on capacitor selection?
  • How do you handle the challenges of selecting capacitors for your projects?
  • Have you used Murata’s Sim Surfing tool for capacitor data? If so, how has it helped you?