Updated: Top 10 Causes of Magic Smoke

I updated this article on our blog.

Anything I should add to this list?

Add zero Ohm resistors to power rails before they go to any component/power plane. Before very first power up, the resistors can be removed and the rails verified before a wrong voltage goes to expensive parts.
With very low value instead of zero Ohms, they can also used for current measurement.

Fun fact: I know devices that survive 3.3V at their 1.0V core voltage inputs for several seconds. They won’t go in the field, but they are still running as development units. Damn you, variable regulators with wrong feedback resistors populated.

That is a very good suggestion, adding shunt resistors so you can measure current to devices and see if they match your expectations during the prototype phase.

For the zero ohm resistors to disconnect the rails, I like using 100mil headers and a jumper. That way there is no soldering to enable parts of the board and you can easily hookup a current meter in series. It also makes it easier to bypass the voltage rails in case that subsystem isn’t working correctly allowing you to test the other parts of the board.

Could write an article on “good things to add to prototype hardware” .

+1 for the 100mil headers. They do everything without soldering, which is always a gain in speed during debug/integration.

You should do the article on

I am sure, many people would have some input on this topic.
Maybe add it also as discussion to the next podcast.

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