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Hey Parker and Steven!

Been listening to your podcast for several months now at work. Congrats on 400 episodes!

Im studying EE and CS in Michigan, looking forward to graduating in a few years and working in robotics, embedded systems, or microchips, or maybe R&D for NASA or a laboratory. Currently working on an Arduino project for a user-parity controller robotic arm, and home server stuff on a CISCO UCS for game stuff and virtualization. Looking forward to learning from all these wonderful folks in the new community.

Want you guys to know how rare your podcast style is; It’s engaging and useful info, delivered in a laid back and fun way; just two guys chilling talking about engineering.
Here’s to many more episodes! clinks beer

ps.; looking forward to attending a Crawfish Broil someday after Steven’s description in a previous episode


Hey Tuxduc! Thanks for listening!

An open crawfish boil for podcast people would be awesome.

I was an eager listener until “other” hobbies and life in general distracted me from electronics and I somehow slipped out of the habit around MEP #260. But always with a plan to return…

Circuit Break #404 Barcode is 50 (barcode not found?) popped up in my podcast feed. What a great interview (lots of people I know are going to be getting a certain book for Christmas).

Now I’m back and all-in. Good thing is I seem to have a hundred-odd podcasts to catch up on:-)

Listening now to you big rebranding episode #400 and it’s almost like I never left. I remember the SPSS! I even signed up the the Crowd Supply pedal dev board (and was sad when the campaigned closed)

Well, it’s almost like the old days, but the production standards are now at a whole other level of professionalism.

I look forward to lots of good listens in the future and hopefully restarting my (now very long) list of stalled electronics projects;-) … as and when I do, all my projects are added to github/web at https://leap.tardate.com/.

Thanks for still being here for me to re-discover!

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Thanks for the love @tardate ! I am glad you are back to listening to Stephen and I. I bought Paul’s book as well to read on my next couple plane flights.

Let us know if there is anything you miss from “old days” MEP :smiley:

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