"8" Must Try Features in KiCad 8

Actually 11 things. :wink:

The two things I like.

  1. The auto net names based off pin name is really cool.
  2. Part Symbol diff between library and version in your schematic.

Two fun things regarding #2:

  1. PCB has a similar tool for footprints.
  2. It’s a preview of future git integration.

Eight has some git integration. I don’t know the details, but the dev team disabled it right before release. (There is an override you can do, but there isn’t much to see.)

When it gets re-enabled it will be basic support for managing git in KiCad. But clearly a good direction.


Oh that is exciting about the footprints! I can see that being useful when you are making DFM changes for paste and soldermask openings.

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