Betavolt BV100 Battery

What do y’all think of this?

100µW is not a lot of power. You can probably run some kind of low power sensors with this and charge up to transmit. Would be a good power supply for the Cat Feeder Unreminder.

Seems to be another Betavoltaric device though so this isn’t the “first of its kind”.

I did thing having some Nickle-63 in your pocket, potential emitting high energy electrons wouldnt be a good idea but it seems Nickle-63 is pretty safe.

I will wait till I can buy one and there is an actual datasheet!

I wonder how many microcuries of Ni-63 is in there.
It’s pretty safe but… don’t eat it.
I’d like to see how the rated power changes over the lifetime of the cell.
Expect something like a 25% decrease in available power after fifty years (Ni-63 has a half-life of 100yrs). Assuming it’s strictly linear.