Circuit Break Podcast #433 Building LibrePCB - Urban Bruhin's Journey in Open Source EDA

Podcast Title: Building LibrePCB - Urban Bruhin’s Journey in Open Source EDA

Release Date: 2024-05-31

Episode: #433

In this episode of Circuit Break, Parker Dillmann and Stephen Kraig welcome Urban Bruhin, the creator of LibrePCB, an open-source EDA tool. Urban shares his journey from being an electrical engineer to developing LibrePCB, driven by his dissatisfaction with existing EDA tools like Eagle. The discussion covers the unique features of LibrePCB, the challenges faced during its development, and the design philosophy behind its advanced library concept. Urban also discusses the future of LibrePCB and how the community can contribute to its growth.

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Key Discussion Points

  • Urban Bruhin’s background and inspiration for creating LibrePCB.
  • The challenges faced during the development of LibrePCB.
  • The unique features of LibrePCB, including its advanced library concept and order feature.
  • How LibrePCB handles DRC and multi-user collaboration.
  • The future of LibrePCB and upcoming features.
  • Ways to contribute to and support LibrePCB.

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Community Questions

  • What are your thoughts on the advanced library concept in LibrePCB?
  • How do you see open-source EDA tools impacting the future of PCB design?
  • What features do you think are essential in an EDA tool for professional use?