Low Poly Smoker

Placeholder for the weldable smoker kit.

Thread is useless without pictures!

This project is a a weldable smoker kit. All of the parts are made from either 0.25" flat plate or angle steel.

This reminds me of my own BBQ chimney project back in 2015, which was the reason I learned OpenSCAD. The place I lived at the time was perfect for summertime BBQs, but the neigbor’s complained about the “meat smell”. I designed this chimney to hopefully solve the issue, but I moved before the next BBQ season began.

The meat smell is the best part!

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The scenic renders are too good.

Yeah it sounds like you made the right choice to move there if your neighbors were complaining about the “meat smell”.

@Parker_Dillmann when we are done with them it would be fun to bring them to a field and take actual pictures with them like the renders. On second thought, moving 900lbs of steel sounds terrible.

Box Truk can move it!

Does anyone have a good recommendation for the paint? We are planning on using Rustoleum BBQ Paint but I wonder if there are better “coating” options? The inside of the smoker is generally seasoned much like a cast iron pan but the outside needs some kind of rust barrier.

I did a little research and it looks like the BBQ paint has different temperature grades. Some are 500F max and others are 1200F max. Both of these are ok for the main body of the smoker which would probably not really go over 300F, however the smoker box is where the issues are since it can easily get over 500. I saw people complaining about the 1200F as flaking easily on their smoker boxes.

The solution that I saw to this was to use engine exhaust manifold paint which is rated to 2000F. It is pricier but it looks like it might be one of the better options.

I also ran into this company that formulates paint for BBQs and Smokers so I bet they have dealt with the super high temperatures of smoker boxes.

Not really sure how to get their product.

They mention its available to customers. Might be worth contacting them. Maybe they will sponsor? :stuck_out_tongue:

Circuit break: sponsored by high temp paint.

I like it.