Webinar - Enhancing Operational Safety: Cyber-Resilient Approaches for Physically Secure PCB Designs - January 30, 2024

Misha and Brenden of MacroFab are doing a webinar on Jan 30 at 12PM Central Time. The topic is Enhancing Operational Safety through Cyber-resilient Approaches for Physically Secure PCB Designs.


Misha has a background in cyber security and is CEO of MacroFab. Brenden is the director of engineering at MacroFab and has extensive experience in Electrical and Systems Engineering as well as leading engineering design teams from concept to manufacturing.

Participants will learn about the typical vulnerabilities in electronic hardware and discover advanced design and production strategies prioritizing security, including material and layout considerations. The webinar also explores physical security measures like tamper-proof designs, methods for validating security effectiveness, and adapting to evolving cyber threats, all while emphasizing the importance of compliance with industry standards.

Link to sign up and watch is here.