Any good platforms (ERP/MRP/PLM/etc.) for running a small hardware company with high mix/low volume?

I am wondering if any of the community has worked with any ERP/MRP/PLM platforms that they love? Something that can handle configuration management, work orders, BOMs, tasking, bugs, etc…

I know I can search for the common buzzwords and find lots of polished looking platforms, and I have seen some cool looking options- but just wanted to ask the community to see if they had any success stories!

I don’t think I have used any that I absolutely loved. I used OODO in the past.

I think this is why the entire world seems to run on excel spreadsheets. :laughing:

@Stephen.K used one at his previous company. I don’t recall what it was named though.

Duro was fairly nice until the BOMs got big. Then it was so slow that common operations would timeout.

Duro does look neat.

I was hoping no one was going to use the E word… :rofl:

Alas, everything points back to Excel.

Odoo has come up during my search, and it looked pretty feature rich.

Does Macrofab use an internally developed tool for all of that stuff? (disregard if that is secret haha)

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Yeah all our PCB inventory stuff is custom to the platform.

I have used ifs, aligni, and odoo. Odoo is free vut requires a lot of work to set it up how you want. The community has built a lot of plugins that help configure it. can be abused to do many of these things, but it doesn’t really fulfill your request in totality. It seems like people who use it in earnest, really like it.

Jan did an interview on his tool Partsbox on the podcast, worth a listen.
478: The Map Is Not the Territory — Embedded

He also was on TheAmpHour.
Component Management with Jan Rychter | The Amp Hour Electronics Podcast