Backwards IC packaging for batch

Prototyping some bucket brigade stuff here and was surprised to come across a batch of BBD chips from Coolaudio (V3205) that turned out to be reversed inside the package :upside_down_face: Took a while to figure out what was going on haha… I’ve been using this specific part a many times over the years and never seen anything like that. Seems to be from two different batch numbers too

, both of these are backwards… Any similar horror stories out there?

Wait, the die inside is flipped? Do they call this out in the datasheet at all? I can’t imagine having to look up batch numbers on the assembly line to put parts together correctly!

Yup exactly! Turning them 180 degrees in the socket did the trick… Drove me nuts because i was checking everything a hundred times, and tried 4 different chips, so thought all of the chips were either faulty or fake, which didnt seem likely given the niche market haha.
Found this thread where the OP did the same discovery, turns out it was the same batch number:

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Don’t trust the datasheet, also don’t trust the package

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Incorrect labeling, maybe. But an incorrect pin#1 notch? I can’t imagine any manufacturer shipping such a chip (although I read in the linked blog that it really happened). That just screams “fake” chip to me. I’d be very wary of a manufacturer who lets unidentified reversed packages into the wild.

Yeah, notch and all is wrong, so not just the labeling…