MetaShunt - High Dynamic Range Current Sensing Device

Hi all, long time podcast listener, but first time posting in here!

I’ve been really into developing ultra-low power electronics projects in the past few years, and one challenge I’ve repeatedly run into is measuring current. Testing if your low power modes are working like they should, and trying to remove the last nanoamps from a device is surprisingly difficult if you haven’t done it before. The difference in power between active mode and deep sleep can easily by a factor of 5 orders of magnitude or more, and a multimeter or shunt isn’t going to cut it. Products from Otii and Joulescope are out there, but out of a hobbyist price point. The Nordic PPK2 is more reasonable, but comes with limited performance.

I built MetaShunt to solve my problems, and have been writing up the development and testing of it on my Hackaday project page here. Would love to see what you all think and how it could help you! I’m building an open-source Python-based interface to it here as well, and if you have feature ideas let me know!

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Oh man this is cool! Thanks for sharing Jacob!

I’m curious how you validated the design on the low end of its measurement range.