Top 8 Circuit Break Episodes for New Listeners

Since we have just crossed 8 years of the Podcast and over 420 episodes it was about time to make a “top list” of episodes that @Stephen.K and I like. It was hard to pick just 8.

What are y’all’s favorite episodes?

I always like the episodes where you all discuss how you might “macgyver” something. One such episode is Episode #325, in which you all discussed making a multimeter from basic principles.

I also enjoy where you all discuss your perspective on college. There was one a while ago where Parker went off on how there was too much math in electrical engineering, which I strongly disagree with, but it was good to hear another perspective. Google couldn’t give me an episode number though.

There were also some where you discussed the complications of setting up manufacturing lines and the troubles of implementing the test procedures various customers provide. It was good to hear the fab point of view. I also had trouble Googling a specific espisode there.

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This episode is great.

Yeah I can’t find it either. Maybe it was episode 397?

Hmm, I don’t recall that one either.

I am working on a process to transcribe the episodes so at least we can search the spoken text and find episodes easier.