Interesting links

  • opensourced their logik FPGA design toolchain. Right now, it only supports their home-grown FPGAs.
  • has an interesting thread about mixed analog/digital simulation with ngspice. It links to this work where they also mention doing mechatronic simulation using Blender.

Andrej Karpathy just released a Github repo for a GPT-2-level LLM written as a single file of 1000 lines of C. Might be a good starting place for those wanting to get into the details of how these things work.

That gpt model would be good to run locally if you can get away with it. I wonder when we will get an “embedded” model that can run on a rp2040 effectively.

With 264KB of internal SRAM and access to 16MB of external flash, i think we’ll be waiting a while…

This came up on Twitter: GitHub - OSCC-Project/iEDA

It’s an open source chip design flow being developed in China with government support (including 60 paid developers). I guess it’s sorta similar to OpenLane. Interesting that the Chinese are also using the SKY130 PDK and not a Chinese equivalent.

60 paid developers!

Usually these are developed by half a dozen half starved grad students. :slight_smile:


mflowgen: a modular flow generator and ecosystem for community-driven physical design: invited


UC Berkeley’s Hammer has Sky130 support as well.

“60 paid developers” was from the tweet stream, so i can’t vouch for the veracity of that.