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I am more interested in if anyone recognizes or knows what packages these components are?

Offset dip style leads on these components?

Brian at MacroFab found this Fuji datasheet from that eta, MBM10470A-7.

Probably this interesting ceramic flat package then a custom lead bend to make the stagger?

I am assuming this was done to handle the “fine” pitch of 50mil with how large the annular rings look on the PCB.

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The edge/board connector has a similar swagger stagger:


The disclaimer behind that link is pretty fun,

" LEAD WARNING : PCB Module board sections do contain lead as part of their manufacturing process. Module board sections should be handled with care and only while wearing gloves."

The “Centronics” type 68pin connectors still do the staggered pins. They are also half pitch (0.05").

For vertical ICs, they are called “Zig Zag in-line” package. Have not found and DIP style yet.

There are even sockets available.